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Automatic Blowing Sweep Before Pouring

Time:2014-08-16 09:07:39 | Hits

Automatic Blowing Sweep Before Pouring

     After being molded, in the transportation process, the metal coated sand unavoidably leaves some loose sand into the moulding cavity caused by vibration of external force. If the loose sand fails in being purged and cleaned in time before casting, the loose sand will involved in the metal fluid in the casting process, thus, influencing the internal side of the castings. 
     The current solution is to manually purge the surface of moulding cavity before casting, so as to ensure the casting quality. Thanks to technological innovation, we created the pre-casting automatic purging motor. By mechanical and automatic operation, it can carry out repeated purging over the surface of moulding cavity.
     By this technology and linkage, the pre-casting automatic purging motor materializes uniformly purging and cleaning over the surface of moulding cavity with stable performance and reliable operational quality.


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