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Vertical Parting template

Time:2014-10-22 10:19:32 | Hits
     The series of mould are authorized by State Intellectual Property Office patents protected by state law, publicly Patent No.: ZL2009 2 0172789.3
     The vertical parting flaskless moulding mould for forging ball and segment, divided into right mould and left mould (it is also called moving mould and stationary mould) is used to forging and forming of abrasion-resistant forging ball or segment in vertical parting disa line production. It has the following advantages:
     1. The maximum output per hour can reach to 300 boxes (100~200 boxes per shift is advisable in accordance with the characteristics of electric furnace), considering the different specifications, usually output per shift can reach to10t~20t; 
     2. It has wide application. It is applicable to production of forging ball or segment with a diameter smaller than Φ50mm, especially to the production of labor-intensive small-dimension products with high added value;
     3. The rate of quality product is as high as 97%.
     The mould, with proper arrangement, can be placed in limited space. The model string, representing 0o setting, brings the efficiency of mould to the utmost; the unique and scientific design of condensation and feeding control completely solves the difficulties of the mould product in failing to presenting horizontal or small-angle settings, and expands the inner space arrangement of mould; compared with the current technology, the mould has 5%~15% higher technological yield, therefore, it significantly improves the technological yield, further conserves the energy and increases the practical economic benefits.
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