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XN-TF-9011 Type Sand Lined Iron Mold Casting Line(Horizontal Parting)

Time:2014-07-11 17:30:57 | Hits
Our company developed the iron mould coated sand casting production line successfully applied to chromium series and CADI series cast ball. The design of the structure is reasonable, stable running, and reliable; the process yield is high, the product quality to obtain the user has been well received. China's biggest copper mine, Tongling nonferrous, using our iron coated sand casting ball line, fully meet the design targets, not only of the cast ball sufficient supply, while freeing the industry from the heavy manual production of traditional, and about the cost for the enterprise, improve the efficiency of. Continuous improvement, not only to enhance technical support and good service, and tailor-made for customers design plan is our best guarantee of cooperation with customers.
In addition, as China wear of all - Ningguo also has a lot of business with our iron coated sand casting production line, such as: Ningguo Malaysia wear, Ningguo fittings factory, Ningguo Yongtai.
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